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Ham Hill Cider confirmed for the GDCF’14!

Ham Hill Cider

We’re happy to confirm that Ham Hill Cider will have their ciders at the Great Dorset Cider Festival in June 2014!

Ham Hill Cider make award winning cider using 100% juice squeezed from vintage cider apple varieties, harvested in traditional orchards that are within view of Ham Hill, Somerset.

We will be stocking their superb Dry Cider, which won “Cider of the Festival” at the CAMRA Bristol Beer and Cider Festival 2012, and also their Early Drop cider which uses a blend of their early ripening vintage quality apples.

“Friends with a passion for the press”

The Garden Cider Company confirmed for the GDCF’14!

Garden Cider Company

We’re happy to confirm the Garden Cider Company will have their Vintage Surrey Cider available at the Great Dorset Cider Festival 2014!

The Garden Cider Company was formed in 2010 by Ben and Will Filby. They focus on making cider in a unique way, by simply using local spare donated garden apples.

In their own words: “Cider orchards have been in decline for generations, we’re trying to make an orchard from as many garden trees as we can! This is a unique experiment and we don’t know what will happen, but we hope you’ll join us and share in it, one thing is sure though, we will try and make some good cider!”

Virtual Orchard confirmed for the GDCF’14!

Virtual Orchard

We’re happy to confirm that Virtual Orchard, from Old Wolverton near Milton Keynes, will have their cider at the Great Dorset Cider Festival 2014!

Virtual Orchard Cider is an award-winning traditional ‘East Anglian’ style cider produced from culinary and dessert apples harvested from the remnants of forgotten orchards in and around Stony Stratford, Wolverton Mill, and other villages in North Buckinghamshire and South Northamptonshire. The Virtual Orchard is made up of around 30 locations which are home to anything from a single tree up to 90 trees. All bar one of these orchards are privately owned and none of the trees been treated with herbicides or pesticides. The fruit therefore, and the cider, are as natural as they could possibly be… just as nature intended.

We will be stocking their Hard Core Cider which was awarded CAMRA’s Gold Medal Champion Cider of Britain in 2011, it is a superb dry cider which we know you all will enjoy! We will also have their new-for-2014 cider Hop in Cider, which is special in that is has hops added to the cider to add a unique complexity, definitely one to try!


Celtic Marches confirmed for the GDCF’14!

Celtic Marches

We’re happy to confirm Celtic Marches attendance at the Great Dorset Cider Festival 2014!

Celtic Marches are based in Worcestershire and have a family heritage of growing fruit and hops on their farm, from which they took their expertise into the craft of cider making.

We will be stocking three of their ciders; Thundering Molly a lovely medium cider at 5.2%, Abrahalls AM which is a well rounded medium cider at 6.5%, and Abrahalls AD their dry cider.

We hope you will enjoy their ciders at the festival!

Blaengawney Cider confirmed for the GDCF’14!

Blaengawney Cider

We’re happy to confirm Blaengawney Cider for the Great Dorset Cider Festival 2014!

Blaengawney Cider is made by passionate cider makers Andy and Annie Hallett in Crumlin near Caerphilly in Wales.

We will be stocking one of their regular ciders, Blindfold, and their excellent Blakeney Red Perry.

We will also have, as long as they’re ready, their two limited edition ciders – a medium-dry Oak Conditioned Cider and a medium-sweet Rum Cask Cider!

Twisted Cider confirmed for the GDCF’14!

Twisted Cider

We’re happy to confirm Twisted Cider from Longburton in Dorset!

“Twisted Cider have been on an exciting journey which has involved us travelling the length and breadth of Britain, looking for the best and most exciting farmhouse ciders available – Allowing us to sample what is on offer and produce a cider which we believe is the best cider this fine cider drinking nation has to offer.”

After a very successful launch in 2010, the future looks great for Twisted Cider, and we’re very pleased to have their ciders available for you to try at the festival!

Lawrence’s Cider confirmed for the GDCF’14!

Lawrence's Cider

We’re happy to confirm John Lawrence’s ciders for the Great Dorset Cider Festival 2014!

Here’s what he had to say about his Dry cider: “Our farm pressed dry cider is fermented to completely dry before maturing for at least 8 months to develop its full robust flavour. This produces a traditional dry cider.

In the autumn the apples are harvested by hand to ensure only the best fruit is used. All the fruit comes from local Somerset orchards, including my own trees, the Cider is then matured in Oak barrels the influence of the Oak on Cider creates a stronger deeper flavour.”

We will be stocking his Dry, Medium and Sweet varieties of his traditional ciders.

John Lawrence

John Lawrence

Marshwood Vale Dorset Ciders at the Great Dorset Cider Festival 2014!

Marshwood Vale Cider

We will be stocking the great range of ciders made by Marshwood Vale Cider at the festival.

Marshwood Vale Cider is made in Thorncombe by the enthusiastic Tim Beer, we are happy to be having his great traditional ciders (which is matured in oak barrels) and he hopes that a few Single Varietal ciders will also be available for the festival.

We hope you will enjoy their cider at the festival!

Learn more about Marshwood Vale Cider, and their three currently confirmed ciders; Dorset Tit, Dorset Greenfinch and Dorset Kingfisher.