Burnard’s Cider

Burnard's Cider

We have been making cider in Norfolk since 1988 – it all started back in 1987 when as already enthusiastic cider drinkers (!), we moved to Norfolk and became aware of an abundance of apples growing all around us. So the following summer we made our first batch of cider – about 450 gallons – and thought it not too bad at all.

An offsales licence followed and we started selling BURNARD’S CIDER from ‘the farm gate’. We then moved the operation to a small tourist area opposite Banham zoo(into what originally was Bull Pens  Zoo Quarantine area )  increased production, giving lectures and demonstrations of cider making process .

In 1996 we opened a bar on site – the CIDER SHED (Banham Cider) – cider, real ales,(all gravity) monster ploughmans and with lots of live music. A favourite venue for miles around, still remembered with affection by all who drank/partied there.

From there we moved on to Norwich and THE CIDER SHED* (mark 2) opened in May 2005 with The Fat Cat Brewery on site, combining real cider and 15 real ales under one roof with an emphasis on eclectic live music, creating another great Venue with a unique atmosphere.. This … see for yourselves.. My Space… In Jan 2011 We left this adventure.. It now has become THE FAT CAT BREWERY TAP..nuts and bolts worked by Mark and Laura Wright whilst we continued to manage the events till late 2011 when M and L ready to grasp that aspect. (Cider Shed Magic Moments.) ………………………… We felt it was time to return to our Roots.

*Initially called The Shed 2005-2007 – changed to The Cidershed after some legal argy bargy about copyright from a Venue up North.

About the cider

BURNARD’S CIDER (aka Banham Cider) is made as real cider should be i.e. fresh apples ( a mixture of cider, dessert, and eating apples) are crushed, the juice pressed out and left in barrels to ferment with no added yeast or sugar. when fermented out the cider is racked off the sediment and ready to drink. BURNARD’S CIDER has won many awards over the years, see various certificates adorning the walls at shed!


Address: Burnard's Cider, The Cider Shed, White Lodge, Grove Road, Banham, Norfolk, NR16 2HG

Website: http://www.theshednorwich.co.uk/

Ciders by Burnard’s Cider at the Festival:
  • Oaky Dokey (5.5% - Medium Cider) - June 2014 Festival.