Cider By Rosie

Cider by Rosie

My little cider business has no need for a sales website. Almost all of my cider is sold locally in wholesale quantities. I have no wish to start selling by internet and mail order, though this site will advise you of the pubs and shops where my cider may be purchased. There is no sales pressure, so if you would just like to discover the full story of Cider by Rosie, then relax and read on.

Award winning cider from Dorset

My name is Rose Grant, a useful name to have if one is to be either a cider maker or a whisky distiller! I count myself fortunate to have never enjoyed whisky! I am a retired electronic engineer, now wholly involved with apple growing and cider making as a second career. This has come about as a natural progression from my cider making as a hobby in the 20 years or so before I ‘retired’. It was a hobby in which I became more and more absorbed. The fascination of making 20 to 30 demijohns of cider from all manner of different apples each year, though I did not realise it at the time, was in fact a perfect apprenticeship for retirement. Success and failure as a method of learning is best when carried out on a small scale!

Award winning cider from DorsetI have always had a love of orchards and it never fails to makes me feel happy just to be in one. In my view, orchards are the most perfect use for farmland. Here I am referring to the traditional high worked orchard that may be used for grazing as well as apple growing, thus doubling the usefulness of the land. However, this is surely a secondary consideration when compared with the pleasure on seeing and on being in an orchard.

An orchard is a special place at any time of the year. In winter the skeletal trees look stark and potent, as though patiently biding their time. A few months later it is though they burst with joy and hope, with the arrival of spring. To see the exuberant blossom bubbling out amongst fresh new leaves, suspended above the verdant lushness of the grass dotted now with many wild flowers, is surely one of the most beautiful sights on this Earth. All around is the continually wavering sound of bird song and the occasional buzz of a bee somewhere in the branches above. There is happiness is in the air!

Rose preparing to press

Each new visit to the orchard throughout summer is a pleasing revelation. The newly set fruit seems to have increased in quantity and in size as though by a sudden jump on each occasion. The excitement starts to build, in anticipation of the crowning glory of autumn, when all is ripe and full of goodness. Even then,¬†after much joyful harvesting and cider making it is still possible to witness the epitome of the orchard’s year. With just a month to go until Christmas, the festive season begins, and there is the Kingston Black cider tree laden with its deep crimson apples, set like jewels amongst its dark green leaves. What could be a more festive sight than this, especially when coupled with the thought of the delicious cider it will produce? How fine it will be as a sparkling cider to toast many a festive occasion!

Address: Rose's Cider t/a Cider by Rosie, Winterborne Houghton, Dorset


Ciders by Cider By Rosie at the Festival:
  • Cider By Rosie (6.5% - Medium-Dry Cider) - Regular Cider, June 2014 Festival.