Marshwood Vale Cider

Marshwood Vale Cider

“Traditional Dorset Cider as it should be, made from top quality apples collected from Dorset, Somerset and Devon.

Not that long ago every farm made its own cider, here in the Marshwood Vale there still remains a handful of the true Cider makers, our own Real Cider is fermented for an average of 6 months and finished in Oak barrels, this leaves us with a very satisfying Cider with almost all of the sugar fermented out to Alcohol.

Every Barrel of Marshwood Vale Cider is as individual as YOU! from one Barrel we expect to be get 200 litres, it is totally unique so once it’s gone it’s gone forever.”

Address: Marshwood Vale Cider, Hillside, Stony Knaps, Thorncombe, Dorset, TA20 4NY


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