Nempnett Cider

Nempnett Cider Company

Nempnett Cider Company derives its name from the village where the cider is produced, Nempnett Thrubwell. Although we do not sell our cider from Nempnett, Piglets Choice can be found in various pubs and shops across the South West and you may well see us at a various shows and fayres.

Nempnett Cider Company produces all of its cider in the handcrafted  traditional way made from 100% apple juice. The cider is branded Piglet’s Choice as it is pressed and produced under the watchful eye of some farmyard friends!

Address: Nempnett Cider, Oxleaze Farm, Nempnett Thrubwell, Nr Blagdon, Bristol. BS30 7UZ


Ciders by Nempnett Cider at the Festival: