West Milton Cider

West Milton Cider

Nick Poole started making cider in West Milton 12 years ago as a means to stop the family’s horses eating too many apples from the orchard.

Over the next 12 years Nick developed a keen interest in the traditional methods that produced a naturally sweeter cider. This process is known in England as keeving.

West Milton Cider Company

Being aware that cider is still made in France using this method Nick spent some considerable time with cider makers in France learning the craft.

Many people asked for just the odd bottle and so we decided to brave a few hundred bottles to test the market. They all sold in the first few weeks and so West Milton Cider went commercial.

Address: West Milton Cider Co, 1 Pear Tree Cottages, West Milton, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3SH

Website: http://www.westmiltoncider.co.uk/

Ciders by West Milton Cider at the Festival: