Gwatkin’s Yarlington Mill Yarlington Mill Cider (Gwatkin Cider)

7.5% - Medium-Dry Cider

Made by: Gwatkin Cider, Abbey Dore, Herefordshire.

It’s official, we are the champions of Britain in the CAMRA Cider Awards 2009!          

Smooth and rich with a spirit aroma and taste that resonates with the taste buds to surprise and delight. Would be an excellent substitute for a dessert wine.’

The Yarlington Mill apple is a favourite with traditional cider makers because if its outstanding taste. It originates from deepest Somerset but is found growing throughout the cider makers kingdom. The well sized apples, which are red and yellow in colour, are ready to harvest in late November.

The juice is slow to ferment, which produces a rich, red, medium cider.