Jaggy Thistle Jaggy Thistle (Thistly Cross Cider)

7.4% - Dry Cider

Made by: Thistly Cross Cider, East Lothian, Scotland.

Our take on traditional farmhouse scrumpy, Jaggy Thistle is made to ‘real cider’ specifications and endorsed by CAMRA. Carefully crafted in small batches using locally sourced fruit and wild yeasts, Jaggy Thistle is a scrumpy that’s truly unique to East Lothian, Scotland.

So what does it taste like? An unfiltered vintage cider, Jaggy Thistle is smooth to drink and packed full of flavour. A dry cider that retains the warming, full bodied mouthfeel you’d expect from a vintage blend. Made using wild yeast that’s local to East Lothian, Jaggy Thistle really is one of a kind.